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Our home is our castle, our place of play, our sanctuary and our resting place. It is also a space we can use to portray ourselves to those around us, an extension of our personalities if you will. This does not only limit itself to the inside of our homes but also our backyards. You could have all the comforts of your interiors, but in a more relaxed environment. Imagine yourself surrounded by the vibrancy and lushness outside. So go ahead, sit back and relax in your outdoor living room! Here is how.

To start off, let’s reflect on why we are comfortable inside our homes. Firstly, we are protected from the elements; we have privacy through the use of walls, doors, and curtains. Our floors are soft underfoot and we regulate our temperatures. We surround ourselves with décor elements that appeal to us and our furniture is chosen for its specific use. All of this adds to the comfort of our home, so how would you incorporate these basic enjoyments to your patio through the use of landscaping elements? 

First off with protection and privacy: a pergola or canopy combined with an evergreen creeper will provide well deserved cover from that late afternoon sun. Add a few upright elements like a growing wall, hedge, or shrub with hanging branches and you are effectively adding curtains to your windows. 

Next up, let’s investigate a few flooring options. You can add comfort and definition to walkways, concealed nooks, or open seating areas by using a combination of materials. Traditional wood decking provides a warm, softening effect. Concrete pavers and natural stone create a clean, classy look. Either way - there are endless options available in wood, concrete pavers, and natural stone to make sure your outdoor flooring complements the other spaces of your home (indoors and out). Talk to an expert landscaper to figure out the best layout and materials!

As for temperature regulation, add warmth with an addition of a fire pit for those cooler evenings. After all, there are few things more comforting than a crackling fire! Now on the other hand, to provide relief during the hot days, well-placed trees and pergolas will provide necessary shade. 

Now on to ambiance. Decorating can be achieved through a large selection of available plant species, any number of sculptural applications, or something as simple as an old log. Then, for lighting - use built-in hardscaping lighting and up-lighting along with a few lanterns casting a soft warm glow to help you unwind and relax!

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