Outdoor furniture is equally as important as your indoor furniture. With an ability to transform a space - functionally or in beauty, its important to take careful consideration of your selections.

First, pick and embrace a style.

Are you a lover of clean-lines and modern flair? Perhaps you feel most at home in the country. Whatever it may be, knowing this will be important for pulling your new space all together. There are a ton of online resources that are jam-packed with decorating inspiration for both indoors and out—one of the best being Houzz. 

Houzz explains furniture styles

Houzz explains furniture styles

Who will be using the space?

There is a balance of who will be using these outdoor spaces regularly versus occasionally. You want to consider who will be using it, even if not regularly because you want to consider safety needs (if its for example, grandkids that will be visiting) and space (if its for example, a BBQ you'll be hosting). Regularly is just as important. If its you that will be there lounging around, comfortable lounge chairs in shade or sun (based on your preference) will be important. 

What type or combination of materials?

Between metal, wood, plastic and resin, or traditional wicker - you have a ton of options. There is a sweet spot somewhere in there that allows a combination. Whatever the material is, its important you allow your selected style to lead the way in your decisions. Read this related post: Patio Furniture Trends in the Hudson Valley.

Consider build-ins.

For spaces that will require permanent furniture, such as an area surrounding a fire pit, considering built ins. For example, for your outdoor kitchen, extend the counter surface out for a bar area (just like you might consider doing that for the indoors!).

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