Patio Design in Dutchess County, NY with fire pit, retaining walls, and columns with overhead shade. 

Patio Design in Dutchess County, NY with fire pit, retaining walls, and columns with overhead shade. 

For many homeowners, the landscaping industry can be a tough one to navigate. When you need a kitchen update, you hire a kitchen and bath contractor. When you need a new roof for your home, you call a roofing contractor.

But what about when you are looking to install a new outdoor living space with a fire pit, paver patio and walkways, a pergola, outdoor lighting, and an outdoor kitchen? All the elements of a complete outdoor living space, Heck, maybe you are even considering an inground pool for your Dutchess County home—then who do you call first? Because there are so many things that tend to fall under "landscaping" today, knowing where to turn can certainly be tricky. 


Landscaping vs Landscape Construction 

We think it's helpful to refer to these types of outdoor living projects as landscape construction. Following this logic, you would hire a landscape construction company—also called a landscape design/build contractor—to create the backyard of your dreams. After all, outdoor lighting, patio installation whether it be using natural stone or concrete pavers, and retaining wall installation are all, well, construction!


Finding the right company

So, how do you know if a company is a good fit for your outdoor living project? Most importantly, they should have a large amount of their company's focus dedicated to designing and installing such spaces. The practice of installing paver walkways, patios, and pool decks is one that requires specialized upfront training and certification, as well as ongoing education. An that's just hardscapes! Outdoor lighting requires it's own certifications and so on and so forth.

So, a landscaping company that maintains lawns and trims shrubs for 90% of the year, while installing a handful of patios over the course of the season probably isn't the best bet for your money spent. While there are some firms that do a great job of separating out divisions for each discipline, the more focused a company is on the specific elements needed for your particular project, the better off the result. 

At Harmony Hill Landscaping, we are 100% focused on landscape design and construction. We are committed to creating the amazing outdoor living spaces in the Dutchess County, NY region and our professional team can handle every aspect of your backyard oasis.  

AuthorJarod Halstead