Unilock.com Porcelain Del Conca Pavers.

Unilock.com Porcelain Del Conca Pavers.

Having a pool is a perfect luxury, but a stellar poolside patio elevates your outdoor space to the next level. Whether you envision a welcoming area for family barbecues or long for an exotic getaway feel, the hardscaping design for your patio can play a huge role. Porcelain pavers have emerged as an alternative to traditional natural stone and concrete pavers as a popular choice for their design versatility, low-maintenance, ease of installation, and weather-proof and slip-resistant properties. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this trending new paver type for your Dutchess County landscape pool patio.

Concrete Pavers & Natural Stone: Welcome Porcelain Pavers

Choosing a material for your pool patio that offers refinement and maximum potential for creativity can be a challenging experience. While many homeowners across the Hudson Valley select concrete pavers or natural stone, it may be time to consider the porcelain pavers that were recently introduced to the market. While concrete pavers like those offered by Unilock are still one of the best choices for landscaping around your pool, porcelain pavers have raised the bar for what a poolside haven can be. The best part? Manufacturers like Unilock are offering porcelain options so there’s no need to forgo the lifetime guarantee you get with pavers.

What Sets Porcelain Apart

In the realm of outdoor hardscaping, porcelain pavers have redefined “versatility” due to their exceptional ability to withstand chemicals, frost, and volatile weather conditions while remaining amenable to virtually any design concept. Porcelain pavers manufactured for outdoor use here in Dutchess County may be installed straight onto a gravel base, much like pavers. For homes with older pools and existing concrete patios, porcelain can also be used as an overlay system, transforming drab concrete into true beauty.

Porcelain pavers are also very strong and durable. Non-porous and incredibly dense, porcelain pavers don’t absorb water, stain, or crack, all excellent conditions for keeping yourself and others safe. These pavers are also scratch-proof, fire-proof, fade-resistant, don’t grow mold or mildew, and only require a simple wash with water every so often to keep them looking great.  

A Perfect Choice for Your Dutchess County, NY Pool Patio?

Porcelain pavers include all the components of a masterpiece: they provide the canvas, paint, and finishing touches bundled into a cohesive design. Manufactured to mimic stone, wood, and cement, porcelain is available in a variety of formats and colors. Porcelain pavers’ compatibility with raised decks allow your inner landscape architect to flourish, giving you free reign to play with vertical contrast. Working with an indoor-outdoor pool? Due to porcelain’s versatility, design continuity from inside to an outdoor space is assured. From rustic, wooden looks to sleek, contemporary patterns, porcelain pavers are guaranteed to bring any poolside dream landscape to life.   

Be sure to ask the team at Harmony Hill Landscaping in Fishkill, NY how you can make your pool patio design a marvelous success with the use of porcelain pavers. 

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