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With the great weather right around the corner here in Dutchess County, it should give you a perfect opportunity to host an outdoor party on your backyard paver patio. Better yet, if you have a fire pit, it can serve as an important tool for your backyard cookouts or as a way to enhance the ambience for an outdoor entertaining. So, let’s have some fun with some great ways to make both your patio and your fire pit the center of party this summer.

Gather ‘Round the Fire Pit for S’mores

A classic idea for a backyard party involves roasting marshmallows and munching on homemade s'mores under the moonlight. If you have kids (or even kids-at-heart) at home, then this type of party should be something to look forward to. Place a few chairs on the flagstone patio, circle around the fire pit or outdoor fireplace, and maybe even have some tents set up to really create the ambience of camping! After roasting marshmallows, everyone can stay put around the fire pit and play music on the guitar, tell funny stories, or sing some songs. This should be an amazing bonding time with your loved ones that you may want to do again very soon!

Bring the Ballpark to the Backyard Patio

On a fine afternoon in Fishkill, you may want to throw a hotdog party right in your backyard. Set up some side tables and chairs on the patio, bring out your stereo and speakers, and roast hotdogs in your fire pit. Nothing like the open fire taste! Fill the buns with pickles, mustard, maybe some jalapenos and your tasty, fire-roasted hotdogs. Don't forget to make a couple of pitchers of iced tea to complete this spectacular experience. Then, when everyone's all satisfied from munching on the scrumptious treat, you can play a few games such of whiffle ball to complete the ballgame party!

Cook up some Kebabs on the Fire Pit

If you are leaning towards Mediterranean food, then you may want to host a party in your yard and serve yummy kebabs. Be sure to decorate the yard and patio to match your theme—set up some plush couches, hang a few Greek-inspired lanterns, and play music with a Mediterranean vibe into it. For your kebabs, you will need shrimp, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, carrots and some feta cheese. Roast the shrimp and veggies (except the olives) in your fire pit, and once ready, add some cheese and olives. This fine get-together should make an outstanding outdoor brunch or tea time party with the whole family.

Fire-Roasted Corn on the Patio, Dutchess County Style

Missing the good ol' country vibe? If so, then wear your cowboy hats and boots, play some country music, and roast delectable corn on a stick for an awesome party on the patio. You can even play a few traditional games such as horseshoe toss, and then dance to the rhythm of your favorite country songs. For those who are crazy about karaoke, then by all means sing-along to songs of your all-time favorite country music artist. This should be a fun-filled party that is worth all the preparation!

Backyard Beach Party Without Leaving the Patio

Why travel to the beach, when you can have a backyard beach party any time you want? All you need is a fire pit, some sand, tiki torches and your loved ones to complete this themed event. Light the fire pit and roast some pineapples on a stick, then play Hawaiian music to create a relaxing ambience, as though you are right on the beach. If you want, you can sprinkle some sand around the paver area where the fire pit is, prepare leis to hand out to your guests, set up a hammock, and just get lost in this great moment.

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