Things to Do in Dutchess County, NY: Stay Home!

Living in NY means you've got a lot of options for adventures. Between NYC and Hudson Valley, there are endless places to visit - with families, friends, or by yourself. Living in NY also means that the four seasons enable homeowners endless adventures right in their own backyards! To get you started on exploring your own outdoors, we have some perfect ways to make your backyard full of activities.

1. In-ground trampoline. We are going to suggest this is just for those with children. Trampolines are for all. For fun or exercise and for safety, an in-ground trampoline is perfect.

2. Built-in pool accessories. Its what you can do in the pool that will keep everyone in it. Add in the built-in slide (for beauty, consider integrating it into a waterfall). Add in some basketball nets. Definitely install lighting for nighttime swimming. Don't have a pool? Read this related post to convince you why you should have one!: A pool is more than a pool.

3. Get the pool heated. This swimming pool built-in deserves its own number on the list. The number one winter activity you, your family, and your friends will want to do is to swim in your outdoor heated pool. Can you say super-sized hot tub?

4. Built in the mini golf course. Many homeowners are surprised to find a mini gold course can take little room. Add in some outdoor lighting for evening enjoyment.

5. Get a family fire pit. With some natural stone and built-in seating, you'll have the perfect warm spot for the late fall evenings. Make sure to provide seating all around the fire pit to allow people opposite of the wind (to avoid burning eyes!).

6. Built-in sport court. Whether its tennis or bocce, a built in sport court can be a low-cost high return. 

7. Invest in an open air pavilion. This outdoor room shelters really well against the rain and can help block wind. This space helps make perfect cozy moments.

8. Get some chickens. There is nothing like having your own chicken coop. It'll keep your family busy and on their feet!

9. Find your retreat with a koi pond. A healing area with the sound of water and the view of koi fish can offer a great outlet for de-stressing.

10. Keep the lawn. If you have kids or pets, lawn space is important for the creative, unstructured fun. But lawns can do a lot more - so keep this space just big enough for free play.

Not sure how this will all fit? Contact us to help create an outdoor landscape design that works for your home.

AuthorHalstead Media Group