Must have seating areas in your hudson valley ny backyard

All of the most used and enjoyed backyards have one thing in common: they have a variety of outdoor seating areas. Think of it as you would for your indoors, you have different spaces to meet different needs. Your backyard should serve as your oasis for whatever the mood is. To help you get the most out of your outdoor living spaces, be sure to incorporate these 5 outdoor seating areas!

The reading nook.

Before all else, allow your backyard to provide you the best relaxation hideout. Create an area thats better than any space indoors. Whether its a hammock, an outdoor lounge chair on the veranda, or a soft seat on a built in stone wall, make it cozy and private. Create a space that won't promote a constant interruption with a hello from the neighbors! Add pleasant scents of lavender as well as a table (or table like structure) nearby. 

Dining with a crowd.

Whether its with family or with friends, a comfortable area with a table and chairs is best when its near a home entrance. Ideally, this space is big enough for expanded seating when needed, but small enough for an intimate feast. Plantings could make the perfect wall. While it makes sense this outdoor dining area is near your outdoor kitchen, it should be far enough to prevent the smokiness entering the eating space. Either way, don't forget some kind of roof cover. Related: How about a ceiling for your outdoor space?

Lounging by the pool.

Take the day off to go on the perfect staycation in Dutchess County: your poolside. Place these lounge chairs on areas that get the most sun and then add umbrellas. Add some pool towel tables nearby, side tables to hold drinks, and a built in sound system to perfect the ambiance.

Chilly evening gatherings.

During the fall, spring, and the cold summer evenings, there is nothing more calming than cuddling up with loved ones (humans or animals). The most common choice is the fire pit. Get a little crazy and go for the fireplace for an even cozier look and feel. Read this related blog post on creating the perfect outdoor fireplace space.

Drinks on a Saturday night.

After a long day at the pool or out a big event, bring the after party to an area that has a bar-like atmosphere. Go simple with an outdoor bar and chairs or go a little more extravagant with a gazebo. Definitely incorporate an ice maker and fridge! For the perfect never-ending mingling night, this area should be far from neighbors. 


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