Trex decking materials are a popular choice for Hudson Valley landscape designs. Photo

Today, many outdoor living projects include many building products working together to achieve the homeowner’s goals. For instance, an upper level deck may wind down to meet a patio at ground level that includes a fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Just like with the many choices available for concrete pavers for patio installation, the options for decking materials can also be dizzying. Along with the expanded design possibilities that come as a result of these choices also comes hard decisions. 

While Hudson Valley homeowners often like the natural beauty and look of traditional wood decking, research also shows that they are looking to reduce—if not eliminate—home maintenance requirements and their associated costs. Tropical hardwood choices such as Ipe offer a bit of relief in the area of increased durability, but they are expensive and far from maintenance free. The most economical choice is traditional pressure treated lumber. This tried and true option is still installed day in and day out here in Dutchess County and all across the country. The obvious consideration here is durability and required maintenance. Anyone who has spent hours and hours every few years power washing and staining or painting there wood deck or porch knows all to well the maintenance involved with traditional wood decking. In  In fact, these cons of traditional wood decking are the very reasons companies like Trex exist and thrive.  

composite decking for Hopewell Junction, NY homeowners

Composite decking from manufacturers like Trex offer a maintenance free—with the exception of a good cleaning every now and again—option with many design possibilities. While Trex and other manufactured composites are certainly a much larger investment at the time of installation, the lifecycle cost is where the homeowner really wins. Without the need to stain or paint every year, or replace damaged boards due to rot or insect damage, Trex is a clear winner in terms of ROI. 

So while your neighbors are busy working in their decks next year, consumers who choose composite can invite the kids and grandkids and enjoy sitting on—not working on—the deck. The best part? Have those kids kick off the sandals because there are no splinters to be found! 

AuthorJarod Halstead