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Life today is busy. In fact, may studies show it’s busier than ever. For many families, it's becoming harder and harder to maintain a close sense of family. It seems that the only answer to the problem is to take a family vacation each year in hopes of reconnecting everyone after a busy year. The problem is, though, vacations only come a few times a year at best. All the other nights are spent rushing home from work and school, making dinner in between homework, getting ready for the next crazy day, and then it’s off to bed. Each night is a whirlwind of activity and a decreasing amount of quality family time.

But what about summer time, right? Well, because the kids are bored with less to do, they want to go to waterparks and theme parks, out to dinner, or just anything to get out of the house. Or, as the kids grow older, they often venture over to friends houses more and more when school is out for the summer. And chances are pretty good that if they are going over to a friend’s house often, they probably have something there that is entertaining or fun. Solution?

Bring the vacation to your own backyard and bring the family closer together.

There are few home remodeling projects, if any, that offer more family-bonding-bang-for-the-buck than outdoor living spaces. A nice new family room certainly offers a cool spot for movie night, but through the projects we do for our clients, we’ve seen a new inground pool pack more punch than any interior space. There’s just something special about bringing a resort-like experience to your Dutchess County backyard landscape that makes all those needs for the family to separate just melt away.

Add in an outdoor kitchen to grill burgers while hanging poolside, a fire pit sitting area to warm up after a night time swim, and a playground with swings and slides and you will be that neighbor’s house that all the kids want to be at. And that means that your kids will always be right at home.

A pool is more than just a big bowl of water— it’s a reason for families to stay together. And as an added bonus, studies show that you’d be hard pressed to find a more financially sound home remodeling project. A true win-win situation for sure!

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