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Hillsides aren't exactly every homeowner's dream outdoor space. But with some careful planning and great landscape design plan, there are many ways to create beautiful, useful spaces out of those slippery slopes. In fact, if done correctly, hills can offer the added bonus of extra privacy that will create intimact even after the space is developed.  So if you're a lucky homeowner with a Dutchess County landscape full of hills, we've got some ideas for you!


If the hillside seems to "meet" a beautiful backdrop like the Hudson River or a view of the Catskills, consider tricking the eye with design. Enter negative edge, or infinity edge, pools. The eye can't really tell the distance between the end of the pool water's edge and the backdrop. With careful excavation and some adjustments to the slope's grade, you can have yourself the perfect poolscape complete with a view.


Bringing beauty to sloped landscape with multiple levels of plantings and retaining walls is a great idea. With a terraced hardscape design of multiple retaining walls, a connected series of outdoor living spaces can emerge. Create little vignette outdoor dining spaces, spas, and even edible gardens. Us meandering bluestone walkways to connect the spaces together for a fun journey between spaces.


Perhaps an outdoor living space isn't what your after at all. Sometimes there are steep grades that run along side a driveway entrance or in a more remote side yard. For those spaces that are not as prominent for actual outdoor living spaces, consider mass plantings to keep the hillside intact and attractive. Plant choices with deep, spreading root structures like Pachysandra make for great solutions. 

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