pool patio in hopewell junction, ny

From simple changing rooms to the luxurious state-of-the-art outdoor spaces, the idea of pool patios has changed dramatically over time. Gone are the days of chaise lounges being enough. Today, pool patios have morphed into multi-functional entertainment hubs and relaxation zones. 

Whether you prefer rustic-screened pool terraces complete with hammocks or open-air Mediterranean-style pool patios that boast form and beauty, these freestanding, partially-enclosed structures provide storage, extra privacy, and endless entertainment opportunities all the while enhancing the outdoor experience. Besides, nothing makes a pool area feel complete like a functional and stylish pool patio. Check out this list of must-haves to set your pool patio to perfection while you and your guest focus on the most important thing; relaxing.

1. Ample Storage

It must get tiresome and messy to store all your toys, accessories, and equipment in the garage shed (or worse, nowhere specific). So why not include dedicated storage space near your pool? By layering in shelves, cabinets and functional furnishings like storage benches you can keep your pool patio mess-free. Also with the heavy pool gear out of the way, you have space for comfortable seating, a coffee table and if you like, a bar. 

2. Walls

Although your pool patio doesn't have to be completely enclosed, adding glass walls or patio curtains may go a long way in adding extra privacy, cutting down the sun and enhancing the general appeal of the pool area. Also, keeping in mind that guests changing into their swimsuits won't want to feel as though they are on display, consider adding features like screens, etched windows and privacy walls - and voila, less wet traffic into your indoors from the pool. Related: 5 Ideas for Your Pergola

3. Entertainment Systems

Outdoor entertainments systems have become quite elaborate; dimmer-controlled lighting, outdoor sound systems, and Wi-Fi go a long way towards improving the functionality and appeal of your pool house. Throw in a flat screen TV and a Big Green Egg smoker to host the most epic football parties in your pool patio; the best part is that you won't have to worry about spilled beer or cigar smoke in the house. Whatever your style of entertainment, the pool patio provides a blank canvas for your creative mind.

4. Outdoor Appliances

If you have to traipse to and from the main house carrying drinks and towels, then it doesn't make sense to have a pool patio in the first place. So to make the most of your pool patio and improve its functionality, consider stocking it with simple amenities in a nearby outdoor kitchen.

5. Landscape Lighting

Outdoor entertainment is always a breeze when you keep lighting in mind. After all, lighting is as important outside as it is indoors. Create drama and add mood to your pool area with smart lighting; from fancy chandeliers to recessed lights, the market offers a wide variety of lighting options. However, hiring a landscape contractor to consult with you about lighting is a good investment for curb appeal as well as safety.

6. Pavers

Since it takes more than the swimming pool and the plants to create a unique pool area, experts suggest hardscaping. Concrete pavers can be the best choice for a beautiful and more functional patio. From safety to durability, the benefits and style options are endless. Can't decide between stone or pavers? Read this related post for help.

In a manner of speaking, the sky is the limit when it comes to pool patios. Not only is there an assortment of exciting options to choose from, but a well-equipped pool patio has the potential to boost your poolside entertainment exponentially. 

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