For many homeowners in the Poughkeepsie, NY area, an outdoor kitchen is a must when it comes to entertaining. Sure, swimming pools and patios are the most lounged in when it comes to our outdoor spaces, but the outdoor kitchen serves as a mere necessity. To make the hot dogs, burgers, and all the other class favorites on the grill. The outdoor kitchen can and should do so much more! 

As a host, you (or your co-host) spends most of your time at this grill, so why not create a space that your guests and other family members can enjoy with you while cooking (just like in your indoor kitchen!). And therefore, allow you to get fancier with your outdoor cooking skills. Here goes the top essentials to bring your outdoor kitchen to new levels (goodbye standalone grill!). Read related article: Harmony Hill brings new life to an existing Dutchess county outdoor kitchen.

7. Cocktail station. Imagine having all of the open hard liquors and wines carefully placed on a station with handy limes and other treats helpfully organized nearby. With this level of ease, your guests might find themselves making their own drinks!

Pizza oven by Kalamazoo

Pizza oven by Kalamazoo

6. Pizza oven. There is no substitution for the taste of pizza (and everything flatbread) that comes out of a pizza oven. Picture s'mores-inspired pizza dessert, bbq chicken pizza, or your traditional margherita pizza. 

5. Frying station. There is nothing worse than trying to fry fish indoors. Regardless of how great the indoor ventilation, the smell of frying (especially fish) lingers on for longer than the meal. Take it outside!

4. Patio heater. Place an outdoor-kitchen-approved heater so that you can extend (comfortably) the use of your outdoor kitchen. For those chilly evenings when everyone's inside (or even in the winter!), a patio heater helps the taste of grilling, smoking, and frying to become an easy possibility. Want something even fancier? Go for an outdoor fireplace!

3. Ice maker. For the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, for mornings, and nights, an ice-maker will spare you (and others) from lugging around ice bags for the extra coolers (when the fridge is full) and help drinks taste better.

2. Warming drawer. Stop spending your entire time cooking while everyone is there. Enjoy the guests more and mingle - all while serving hot food! .  

and our favorite...

1. Built-in bar seating. For having a drink, enjoying a meal, a snack, or an intimate conversation. A built in bar with comfy chairs in a wrap around outdoor kitchen is a MUST.

Do you have a favorite that didn't make the list? Tell us!

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