Unilock pavers on a driveway

Unilock pavers on a driveway

Lets face it, the true first impression of your home for you and your guests is your driveway. Usually the most neglected area, your driveway likely gets more action than any of your other exterior spaces. We say it's time to transform your driveway. Time to say goodbye to asphalt. 

Time to create a more inviting and stylish entrance. Similar to how you would show attention and care to your walkways and backyard, there's no reason to neglect your driveway. 

Brick & Pavers

There are hundreds of options between pavers and brick. Use them to match your home's exterior and other areas like your walkways. Consider your family's safety preferences before making a final decision. For example, wide grooves that are often found in brick aren't heel friendly. Here is an article on helping you learn more about choosing the right one: 3 tips for choosing a concrete paver.


Whether or not your driveway includes pavers, bordering your driveway with pavers (or brick or stone) is a classic, easy way to add style. Choose from elegant patterns to simple and neutral colors either at the entrance of the driveway or all the way around. 


Outdoor lighting adds safety and beauty. Consider Hardscape lighting in which lighting is embedded within the pavers. This is a perfect touch for the driveway edging. Another option is LED lighting that is discreetly placed within the plantings surrounding areas of your driveway. 


Our top pick for the safest driveway, heated pavers help to prevent slips during the winter months that we expect in the Dutchess county area. There are a ton of options to create the perfect look using this heating driveway approach (also known as radiant pavers).

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