creating a country rustic style backyard in dutchess county ny

Country rustic is a look characterized by laidback furnishings, bare or salt-washed wood, and a timeless country feel. The country rustic style reflects a return to a simpler, more authentic way of life. In this article, we’ll examine some of the elements you can bring into your Dutchess County, NY backyard design to capture the relaxed feel of this style and create the warmth and welcoming environment of a charming country backyard.

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The country rustic style places emphasis on warm and natural colors such as that of wood, natural stone, brick, and rusted steel. Black, such as that of cast iron can be used as an accent, as well as the shades of white and grey in whitewashed walls and mortar. Dark greens and pastel colored accents can also be used, but are less typical as artificially added color, relying instead on the contribution of flowers and plantings. The color palette of the country rustic style is, after all, designed to enhance and complement the colors of the natural environment.

Decorative Features

Old wagon wheels, plows, water pumps, and water wheels adorn the nooks and crannies of a country rustic backyard, bringing character and hinting at a time forgotten. Rocky waterfall features and wooden foot bridges are also welcome additions to the theme. The country rustic style is one of the few that allow you to turn your tool shed into the focal point of your backyard. Unrefined wood such as railroad sleepers, minimally treated logs and timber can also be used to bring character to your flowerbeds in the form of edging, low fencing, arches or seating.

Creative pots for planting

For the authentic country rustic feel, ingenuity is encouraged when it comes to finding pots for flowers and plantings. Wheelbarrows, oak barrels, fire buckets, milk churns, and watering cans make for some creative flower pots in the country rustic style. Other more offbeat discarded items also furnish the country rustic catalogues, including the truck bed of a rusted pickup truck and even old toilet bowls. If these seem a touch extreme, you might consider decorating the beams of your patio covering with overflowing hanging flower baskets instead.

Country style patio furniture         

Sturdily constructed log benches and lawn furniture built from rough lumber is ideal for the country rustic look. Wicker chairs, and weathered wooden patio furniture are also a good match. Alternatively, cast iron chairs with burlap cushioning can be used for a slightly more modern effect. The use of burlap can also extend to covering tables and can even be used as a country rustic shade sail. Upturned oak barrels make excellent outdoor coffee tables in the country rustic style and can also be used as stools. For simple seating around your fire pit, consider sealed tree stumps in the campfire tradition.

Naturalistic Hardscaping

Earthy colored, irregular shaped pavers, natural stone, and randomized laying patterns will help you to achieve the country rustic style. In addition large, uncut natural rocks, placed in garden beds or used as garden seating will also contribute to the raw appeal of your yard. Fire pits and fireplaces can be built from large, chunky stone which can be accented in your backyard in the form of flowerbed edging, retaining walls or walkways.

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