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Selecting the right outdoor furniture for your patio space is an essential step for turning your outdoor living space into a true extension of your home. With all of the options available to Dutchess County homeowners, it can be super challenging to narrow down the choices. Let’s have a look at some pointers to get you going in the right direction.

Buy Patio Furniture in Sets

While many professional interior and exterior designers utilize certain furniture pieces from different collection in order to create a unique look, doing so can be difficult to pull off cohesively. Purchasing outdoor furniture in sets will ensure that all the individual pieces match well together as a whole. This approach will very often reduce the total cost of outfitting your patio as sets are often discounted over individual elements.


Many sets of patio furniture can be purchased with a corresponding overhead canopy. For outdoor living spaces without overhead structures such as pergolas and gazebos, including a canopy is a wise choice for sunny areas. Overhead elements due wonders for creating the illusion of individual outdoor rooms within a larger backyard. Another resulting benefit of a canopy is the opportunity it creates for hanging outdoor décor items like string lights and lanterns. 

Small Tables

Small patio tables can be great pieces of furniture when placed strategically around a patio space. These tables can be used to hold drinks and snacks when entertaining outdoors, as well as potted plants and other decorations. Don't be misled into believing all patio tables need to mimic dining room tables. Smaller tables are great accent pieces and essential to creating stylish, functional Hudson Valley landscapes and patios.  

Know Your Shapes

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of different shapes which should be considered for the unique outdoor space it will be in. For example, circular patio tables allow everyone to view one another. They are also great for games on a summer evening because they can host a large number of people. A rectangular patio table can mimic the feeling of a more formal dining room table. Functionally, rectangular patio tables are also terrific for buffet style meals out on the back patio. Pick the table shape that is right for your planned patio activities.

Extra Cushions

Sometimes people become bored with their patio furniture. Mistakenly, they believe they need to purchase a whole new set of furniture to create a new look. This isn't true! You can purchase different cushions for your patio furniture with new colors or patterns. You can have pastel patio cushions and pillows in the early spring. You can use darker hues as the summer progresses.


Patio furniture is manufactured in many different materials including wicker, metal, teak, hardwood, resin, and more. The material you should select for your Dutchess County landscape design should depend on the design style that’s right for your home. For example, patio furniture constructed of wicker creates a country cottage feel. Metal patio furniture can provide you with a sleek and modern look. Resin patio furniture is extremely durable, and wooden patio furniture provides a classic, timeless look.

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