A well-designed and professionally constructed paving stone patio can make your private outdoor space a beautiful retreat. Whether you're planning a paved area between the house and pool, designing a special garden spot for peaceful reading, or customizing a built-in seating area, connecting with the right landscape designers and paver installation specialists can ensure that your new patio space is a beautiful oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

A quick note about paver patio installation...

While the look and feel of your new patio is super important, it’s not more important than proper installation. There are many structural aspects to consider when creating your new outdoor space. Ensuring that issues such as drainage requirements and soil stability are addressed before a single stone is set will produce a finished project that will last a lifetime. Look to hire a company that is ICPI Certified with references and experience in custom hardscapes.  

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Moving on to the fun stuff—paver patterns!

Creative use of paving stones of different colors, finishes, and textures can result in a truly special finished patio design. But with a dizzying amount of options on the market from premier manufactures like Unilock located right here in the Hudson Valley in Brewster, NY, it’s often difficult for homeowners to make final material selections they feel comfortable with. Let’s look at a few guiding tips that will help steer your creativity in the right direction.  

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The size of the overall space and the patio makes a difference

Choosing a paver that is appropriate for the size of your patio is very important. Generally speaking, smaller pavers are a great choice for smaller patios, while larger design open the doors to the large format pavers that are increasingly popular today. There are many paving stone products on the market that have multiple size stones within a pattern. For a natural, random feel, consider pavers with 3 or more sizes in the collection, while a uniform, clean look can be achieved with a single size.

Visit Unilock's awesome tool for choosing the perfect paver.  assets.unilock.com/drag-n-drop/ 

Visit Unilock's awesome tool for choosing the perfect paver.  assets.unilock.com/drag-n-drop/ 

Borders and Inlays

One of the best ways to add elegance and style to your patio design is with the use of borders and inlays. It is possible to create almost rug-like designs, much like a tile floor on the interior of your home. Consider using a double or even triple border, using pavers of varying widths and textures to give the patio depth. Once the inlays and borders are selected for your project, consider including an inset design in any retaining walls you have such as built-in seating around the outside edge of the patio. 

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