Cooking in your outdoor kitchen doesn't have to be limited to the grill with burgers and wings. It can be a lot more exciting and flavorful. If you're not quite ready for additional outdoor kitchen appliances, then here are some ideas for an unusual twist in your usual grilling!

1. Flat top for your grill (or a flat top grill that interchanges with a traditional grate) for cooking breakfast - think pancakes and bacon!

2. Bacon press. Speaking of bacon, get the most of your outdoor cooked bacon with bacon press!

3. Cooking thermometer to help make sure you never overcook a steak.

4. Nonstick grilling mats for fish and everything else that you never previously dared throw on the grill.

5. Express food marinator like (this one from FoodSaver) for when you don't plan days ahead (like most of us!)

6. Lava rocks if your grill is designed for it - to get a unique, smoky flavor.

7. Smoke your food without a smoker with this flameless one

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8. Multi level smoker rack for more room and flavor!

9. Make stuffed peppers with this grill ring

10. Pizza stones if you don't have a pizza oven.

AuthorJarod Halstead