Are you thinking of giving your outdoor space a makeover? If so, then a well-designed patio with perfect lighting, chic furniture, and a stunning infinity pool should quickly transform any regular backyard into a fine masterpiece. These alluring elements will give you more reasons to enjoy your yard, and perhaps even become the envy of your neighbors!

style ideas for infinity pool patio in poughquag, ny

A professionally-designed infinity (also referred to as negative edge) or traditional pool can be the highlight of your yard, especially when enhanced with additional features including fire pits, exotic lighting, flowering plants in luxurious pots, and waterfalls. Decorative touches that give an interesting texture and visual appeal also improve the ambience such as polished marble and pebble, to name a few. 

Here are some of the different patio ideas that can instantly give your infinity pool a spectacular update:

1. Shabby Chic Patio

If you like anything country, then a shabby chic patio design should be your best bet. Set up a lovely hammock, floral prints on an outdoor couch, distressed and worn-looking side table, white wicker furniture and a rusty lantern. 

2. Island Paradise 

For this theme, think of the beautiful beach resort in Bali, Maldives, or the Caribbean. Embellish your yard with plants, tiki torches, waterfalls, and fire bowls to warm you up during chilly nights.

3. Cozy and Lush Oasis 

Feel invigorated each time you bask in the relaxing ambience in your lush backyard that is your one true oasis. Excellent pieces to attain this look include ivory-colored lounge chairs, fountains, hammock, bamboo screen, and oversized aluminum urns should complete this look. 

Ultimately, a patio like no other...

Create a kind of atmosphere in your outdoor space that best matches your personality. Your options are countless when it comes to design, and it is only a matter of working with an expert to assist you in turning your brilliant ideas into reality. From having a cozy retreat spot, personal spa, or an island-paradise experience in your yard, a highly trained and qualified landscape expert (we are a little biased here so we will say: US!) can make these happen.

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