There is a lot more to that green side of the backyard than just beauty. While having the basics like plenty of running space is important, there are plenty of ways to spruce up the adventure possibilities to keep active families happy and busy out there. We hope these 10 backyard ideas will keep your family and friends enjoying your outdoor spaces a little bit more this year!

Built in trampoline for a fun backyard idea
  1. Integrate the game right into the ground! Consider concrete or stone pavers and grass to create a checkerboard, hopscotch, or scrabble. For something less fancy and quick, use spray paint for an outdoor game of twister!
  2. Add a secret nook. There's nothing like getting away from all of the commotion in a nook surrounding by plantings and trees. It's also perfect for a children's secret play space.  
  3. Add a splash zone. With built in sprinklers, a safe and comfortable ground, and a sunny spot is all you need!
  4. Tree house without a tree. No one says you need a tree to create a small treehouse for kids! Freestanding tree house with stairs is the perfect hideout.
  5. Hammock. Make sure to pick a shady spot and get an extra large one to fit multiple people. Don't have enough trees? There a lot of freestanding options!
  6. Get a swing. Whether its a formal one as part of a kids play set, handmade to swing on a tree, or a classic old tire swing, swings are for all ages and for anytime of the day or night.
  7. Outdoor tv projector and screen. Set up a some blankets or comfortable lounge chairs to create plenty of cozy evenings.
  8. Water features. Whether big or small, waterfalls, fountains, and ponds allow endless opportunities for play. For a more adult look, integrate the waterfall into the swimming pool design. Related: Designing a Perfect Swimming Pool for Your Family.
  9. Pizza oven. Add a little pizzaz to your outdoor cooking repertoire with a pizza oven. From breakfast to dessert, pizza oven can help get the creative juices going.
  10. Built in trampoline. For safety and style, a built in trampoline is always better than a freestanding one.  
AuthorHalstead Media Group