One of the most popular choices for a patio floor in the Hudson Valley is the good ol' beautiful bluestone. As part of the quarried stone family, it's design and usage possibilities are almost endless. To top it off, most bluestone we see in this area is local from Pennsylvania or New York!

All natural 

Photo courtesy: Stone Farm

Photo courtesy: Stone Farm

The most common reason homeowners choose bluestone is for its natural look. And because it's natural, regardless of the design you pick, there is an element of unpredictability (e.g. color variability). We must admit, there are numerous choices today for concrete pavers that also provide this natural look so if you're choosing bluestone only for its natural look, there may be other options. Thankfully, we have other great reasons to love bluestone.

Endless options  

Bluestone can be dressed up or down. And before you confirm your style preference for your dream patio, make sure that you have (or your professional has) a grasp on the overall outdoor style you're looking for. The most important requirement for this style is that it should match your entire home's look and feel- inside out, especially the architecture.

Now back to that bluestone. Choosing formal means repeat patterns with 90 degree angles (usually). Informal calls for various sized pieces, colors, and typically less sharp angles. The irregular design is often referred to as irregular bluestone or irregular flagstone.

Speaking of colors. Bluestone offers many earth tones- from tans and buffs to all the shades of blue and grey. These options depend on a few things including the quarry, so be sure to ask. If the options become overwhelming, then go back to the overall style of the home and ask a professional for help. 


For strength, like on a driveway, you want to select concrete pavers. For a patio, bluestone will last a transferable-lifetime long! The caveat is prosper installation and care (as with all other outdoor products.

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