Outdoor fireplace as an idea for landscaping design esentials

Hudson Valley homes have a special unique backdrop. We enjoy four seasons of weather, beautiful views, and family-friendly neighborhoods. Many of the homes have backyards just big enough to make endless memories with our friends, pets, and loved ones. To help you take full advantage of your backyard, we've come up with 4 landscaping design ideas. Happy memory making!

Water - Outside of the pool

We aren't going to list a swimming pool, because, well, its a prerequisite for this list. There is nothing more entertaining - day or night - than a swimming pool. There are however other, just as necessary, water features that you should absolutely consider on incorporating into your landscape. Think serene waterfall near your outdoor couch or hammock. Think koi pond near benches. Or think fun built-in splash areas near the pool for your kids. Whether its all three, or just one of these, don't stop at the swimming pool. Add relaxation and/or fun.

Shady sitting areas.

For the super sunny hot days in the summer, don't limit yourself to the back and forth routine of cold swimming and indoor air conditioning. Keep your family outdoors by creating plenty of shady cool areas. An easy must-have is builtin seating under your biggest tree. Other more cool-offering spots include pergolas or gazebos. Essentially, what you're looking for is a ceiling for outdoor rooms. Keep in the mind that the sunny spots vary throughout the day; so create at least two spots for shade (to make sure you're covered in the morning and afternoon).

Warmth for the non-warm evenings.

To extend the use of your outdoor spaces, you'll need warm cozy spots that are adult and kid friendly. Easily convert one of the above shady sitting areas to a warm nook with a fire pit. For the ultimate indulgence, add in an outdoor living room-like space with an fireplace. To help paint the picture, you'll need a sofa or two, 2 or 3 walls, an outdoor TV, and a nearby outdoor kitchen with bar for warm & cold drinks. Relate: read article on the perfect outdoor fireplace.

Image: A Harmony Hill project, see more here.

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