What do you see when you look outside your window? Too many people fail to do something grand with their outdoor spaces, even though the inside of their home looks stunning. We are passionate about beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, so here are some special patio design ideas to get you and your family out there more often. 

Your Very Own Outdoor Home 

Replicate what you enjoy indoors so much by breaking up your backyard into different sections, so you would have a kitchen, dining area, and living room outside your home. Not only does it look attractive once complete, but it'll enable your family and guests to do different things together and separately. There is always the option of erecting a roof over any particular area too.

A Patio an Another Level 

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear patio, is likely a patio on a flat ground, but it doesn't need to lie on the same level if you don't want it to! One great solution would be to opt for a tiered patio, with as many levels as you want (within reason). This one might be slightly harder to imagine because there are so many variations you could choose from.

Build a Circular Fire Pit

A fire pit can be built into any shape of your choosing, but nothing oozes luxury like a circular brick fire pit on your patio. You can use it to keep warm if you want to spend more time in your garden at night, or you can even use it to cook food with a special attachment. If you want a really beautiful camp fire experience, you could have a curved brick seating area built beside it. Add some cushions for color and comfort. 

Concrete Pavers and Their Various Shades 

Concrete pavers are perfect for designating the perimeters of an outdoor room. There are hundreds of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Not only will they look very stylish, but they're generally easy to maintain and are durable. You don't have to seal them or deal with constant stains, plus a single paver can easily be replaced if it breaks. 

Creat an Oasis

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Artificial or natural rocks (which would go well with either concrete pavers or natural stone) can help create an oasis. Add native plants and water features for the finishing touch in your oasis transformation. 

Outdoor Spa

Whether or not you have a swimming pool, add a small outdoor spa for relaxation. Consider a hot tub in which you can gaze up at the stars and melt your stress away. The added bonus of a hot tub is it can easily be used year-round. Read related article: Integrated in-ground hot tubs.

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