If your Dutchess County, NY driveway is starting to look the worse for wear, fear not. There is still hope. Time to transform your home's first impression! Here are some simple tips to give your driveway new life without having to rip it up and start from scratch.

Sealing Concrete Pavers

Sealing concrete pavers not only brings out its natural character by giving it a glossy marble-like sheen, it also protects the surface from sun and water damage. Sealing will also make your driveway easier to keep clean by creating a hydrophobic barrier between the concrete and the dirt that would otherwise cause stains. Whether you’re a driveway mechanic or simply wish to bring new life to your paving, a concrete sealant is an excellent way to protect your driveway from oil stains, improve your driveway’s aesthetic and extend its lifetime. Don't risk damage, make sure you work with a professional for this. If you have natural stone, sealing can also be an option for you. 

improving your wappingers, ny driveway

Bordering and Accents for Your Driveway

Adding a concrete paver or flagstone border is a great way to bring out your existing driveway. Bordering breaks up the monotony of an asphalt driveway or even dull pavers and creates a sense of order. Darker pavers can bring out the rich hues of brick driveways while a lighter paver will make a good complementary border for an asphalt driveway. Accents can be added to create additional visual interest, or a focal point for your driveway. The color of your accents can reflect the color theme of your house or hues in the natural environment, and will add the perfect finishing touches to your driveway makeover. Related: Choosing Between Flagstone & Concrete Pavers in NY.

Pillar at the Entrance of Your Driveway 

Here is how to really stand apart from your neighbors' driveways! Create a grand entrance with pillars. Whether it's with natural stone or concrete wall stone, this is a sure way to add personalization. Make this extra functional with a built in mailbox, your house number, or driveway gate. Be sure to consider plantings to keep the look natural. 

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