pergola in dutchess county, ny

Be it for protecting your kids from the sun’s midafternoon UV peak in summer or minimizing the glare of the fall, having shade for your Dutchess County patio is an absolute must. Proper shade can increase the time you and your family spend outdoors. In this article, we’ll look at some solutions for providing shade for your patio.


Screens offer a temporary/semi-permanent solution and can be used to great effect for sun protection in certain circumstance. Screens are ideal for detached patios or backyard patios where no overhead structure is available. These screens offer portable, stand-alone, temporary protection from the sun. Screens such as this can be easily folded away and stored when not in use, making them convenient and accessible when necessary. For patios where an overhead structure is available, hanging screens can be used to increased privacy and cut off oblique light, thus reducing glare. Most screens, however, don’t offer protection from the sun directly overhead and so need to be used in conjunction with other options. Durability, of course, with all things temporary can be challenging.


Nature’s own solution, trees provide natural temperature regulation, privacy, dappled lighting and a more outdoorsy feel to the setting. Keep in mind of the proximity to your home's foundation since trees may cause some problems to foundation of your house and can disrupt the paving of your patio once the root system reaches a certain size. As for turn around time, most trees do not offer a short term solution as even the fastest growers will still require a year or so to reach any substantial height. The planting of trees therefore does require some planning and forward thinking, but can be well worth it for the patient gardener.

Shade Sails

Sun sails offer excellent overhead protection and can be retracted or taken down when not in use. Their low swoop creates an intimate outdoor environment that is simultaneously spacious owing to their predominantly white coloring and clean curves. Their shape is perfectly suited to modern architectural styles (although can be integrated nicely with any style). Sails can be angled to shield from oblique light as well as to create privacy. All told, sails are stylish, modern and effective, and definitely worth considering for bringing shade to your outdoor areas.

Permanent Covering

A wooden pergola offers shade while remaining open and free-flowing. The coverage offered by a pergola or gazebo can be increased with the introduction of vines or cloth. A patio with a permanent roof offers even more sun protection and has the added benefit of keeping you dry during bursts of bad weather. Permanent roofing can help create definitions and support an outdoor room feeling. To make sure you don't completely take the outdoor part out, consider covering only key points of your patio such as seating and food preparation areas, while leaving other parts open.

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