Dog friendly landscapes in the Hudson Valley

When designing and building landscapes here in the Hudson Valley, we consider things like family size, child-safe areas, and how the homeowners will use the spaces we are creating. Something else to consider for the pet lovers out there, is how can you create a backyard masterpiece fit for a Canine Queen? Designing pet-friendly landscapes is really about understanding how animals enjoy the outdoors—not all that different than designing for people! 

Dogs naturally seek cool spaces to relax when the hot summer weather hits. This is the reason you will hear of dogs digging up holes in the yard—they are seeking a cooler patch of earth to lay down on. When planning out your backyard space, look to maximize the shady areas not just humans, but for your dogs as well!

Standard landscape design practices often involve planting the perimeters of a property with lush, layered border plantings. However, is you are also creating a space for the pups, consider leaving the outside perimeter of the yard free of any plantings. Dogs will naturally like to explore their boundaries and will not hesitate to trample any foliage in their way. 

In some circumstances, leashing up your dog is necessary for safety reasons. When this is the case, consider locating the a dog run in an area where you and your company will gather often. This way, the doggies don’t feel left out of the fun. 

Creating outdoor living spaces that are perfect for adults, children, and pets is completely attainable. Gathering all the information of how a homeowner plans to use their Hudson Valley landscape is the first place the Harmony Hill design/build firm begins. 

Here’s to digging some holes-

AuthorHalstead Media Group