One of the major advantages that indoor spaces have over their outdoor counterparts is the intimacy and warmth created by walls and ceilings. Walls form a backdrop that is sometimes hard to due without when designing outdoor rooms and landscapes here in Orange County, NY. Wide open backyards are wonderful for designing landscapes for the whole family to enjoy, but keep in mind that creating spaces with cozy vibes is important for balance. 

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Enter garden screens.

Not used much at all in the Hudson Valley area of NY, these screens—or ‘outdoor walls’—are truly awesome for defining spaces. Integrated with plantings, patios and pathways made of pavers and bluestone, and soft landscape lighting, these garden screens can make all the difference in bringing the wow factor to your landscape design. They are available in ready-made panels with many different material and pattern options to choose from. Custom options are also available for more specific needs and that one-of-a-kind uniqueness that high-end landscapes demand.

Outdoor rooms are growing quickly in popularity in areas across the Hudson Valley like Beacon, Hopewell Junction, and Lagrangeville, NY. The talented landscape design and construction team at Harmony Hill Landscaping in Fishkill, NY specializes in just such creations. Give us a call today to transform your outdoor space into a backyard retreat with all the comforts of indoor living.


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