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Swimming is a fun, relaxing activity. It gets even better when you have your kids splashing all around. As many homeowners in Dutchess County and the surrounding Hudson Valley areas start to plan their summer pool space, whether it’s a redesign or a brand new pool, it’s important to think about benefits for both the adults and children. After considering safety, make sure that you have integrated kid friendly activities in your pool design. Here are some starting points to make sure your whole family enjoys your water space this summer.


1. Fountains

A fountain is a great increment to the beauty of a pool. Regardless of age, people feel drawn to fountains and you can install one inside the pool itself or in the surrounding area.  If you decide to put your fountain on the deck or patio near the pool, it can create a jet water into the pool in a curved trajectory, creating not only a fun place for kids to be, but also a very attractive sight.


2. Water slides

Fun for kids and adults, this addition will surely be valuable.  If its a detached slide, make sure it's designed to be used in the pool to promote smooth sliding and soft landing. This is so that you have the right slide construction – including appropriate height. A great way to add style to the slide is by integrating it with the pool design - such as building it an inlay of stone. This also provides a more natural look. 


3. Depth

Consider a wide range of depths in your pool. You want a deep edge to allow for safe jumping as well as a shallow end to create a safer environment for small children. This shallow end also has some other benefits – making it easier for kids to enter/exit a pool and provide space for kids that don’t like deep water, whether they are good swimmers or not. The ends of the pool should also be made of a material that is not slippery, in such a way that kids have something to hang on to incase of danger.


4. Waterfalls

Kids and adults alike are awed by waterfalls. Incorporating a waterfall into the design of your pool will attract kids to swim, promote a relaxing environment, and provide as aesthetically pleasing area. Many homeowners like to place the waterfall in the shallow end of a pool to enhance the design for style and function. There are many creative design ideas that you can explore to make a pool suit your needs and those of your family. 

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