Hopewell Junction NY  Patio design, patio installation. Hudson Valley, NY patio.

Here at Harmony Hill Landscaping, we create outdoor living spaces for homeowners across the greater Hudson Valley area. We design and build comprehensive landscapes that help extend the homes of the families we work for, inviting impromptu gatherings outside on the back patio. 

We think differently about the planning of these outdoor spaces than most landscape companies. We quite simply treat your outdoor home with the same respect and attention as you would expect for the interior rooms that you live in—you know, the ones you make so many memories in with close friends and family. See, we believe that the best way to start bringing some of those amazing memories outside is to install a patio. After all, the classic backyard patio is the center of your NY outdoor home. 

Depending on your needs and the way you use your home, you can easily branch out and expand—including special features like fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pools, spas, and even hidden garden rooms that invite you to use your entire property for entertaining. Your landscape will grow with you and your family over the years, but chances are pretty good that your back patio will provide great inspiration for your backyard oasis. Just remember to pull up a free seat for a designer at Harmony Hill Landscaping—we will help bring these outdoor spaces to life so you can create more amazing outdoor memories. 

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